Foundry Equipments


Sand Crusher
It is the most suitable for the preprocessing of sand reclamation of no bake casting.
2-Pattern Shiner
Reclamation machine for self-hardening cast sand.
Sand Cooler
Cooling system for self-hardening cast sand or dry sand.
Air Frow System
It conveys power by high power! -Low cost by energy-saving mechanism-
Cascade System
Deburring and cleaning system for die cast and foundry.
High Speed Mixer
Optimum and economical speed for mixing has been pursued!
Long Arm Mixer
The High Speed Mixing and Kneading Machine,Long Arm Mixer is applicable to wide range of work.
Paramount mixer
Mixing machine for self-hardening cast sand.

Environment Equipments

Super Finisher
New type of separation and classification machine for variously mixed wastes such as C & D waste
Finger Screen
Separation and classification machine using unique fingers which eliminate jam up
Hi-Bound Screen
Separation and classification machine for sand or soil with moisture
Separation and classification machine by vibration and air for a wide range of commercial and industrial wastes



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